About Us

I am a software engineer and my wife a freelance writer. Two professions poles apart.  Two people from different planets. She is from Venus, me from Mars. Our common ground, however, is travelling. We love travelling. Much before we met each other and much more after we met. 

We have travelled to more than 30 countries, some even twice and thrice, some with full itinerary, some totally nomadic. Each time it has been a completely differently experience. Experiences that made us spellbound, ponder, crazy, cautious and wise. 


Today, on our blog we share with you our travel experiences. We do believe that ‘no travel experience can be same’, however, our stories might give you ideas on what’s could be in store for you when you travel and help you plan better.


Please feel free to reach us if you need any suggestion to plan your travel in Switzerland or any other place in Europe. Similarly, feel free to share your suggestions and stories. We would be more than happy to connect with you.

reach us at travellerinme@swisshimmel.com

About Us

I'm a Software engineer by profession and my wife is freelancer journalist. Traveling is our passion. We have travelled more than 30 countries and like to share our experience with whole world.

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